Camouflage is a virtual reality and dance installation. It gives its participants a playful immersive experience of the game of hide and seek and its viewer the opportunity to watch a match played out live as well as virtually between hunter and prey.  In this exciting new work, VR is used to create a new social game that plays on our instincts and opens up room for fun and sinister interpretation.

Camouflage is an immersive art project, an experimental mixed reality game for multiple players which playfully explores disparity of perception within the real and the digital space. The project is inspired by an old game known to many ancient cultures where a blindfolded player is trying to find its opponents. When successful, the roles switch.

In Camouflage, two audience members are blindfolded by the VR headsets through which they can only see an abstract representation of their surroundings, and simulated bodies in motion. The goal of the players inside the virtual reality experience is to identify which of the abstracts objects actually belong to a real person.

Outside the VR experience, there are four other people who have sensors attached to their bodies and move in the given space, trying to stay out of sight as long as possible: camouflage. The goal of the players outside of the virtual world is to stay unnoticed for as long as possible. To do this, they need to mimic the movement quality of the animation and blend with the environment. To make the experience even more engaging, we will create complex, automated rules, scoring system, as well as a system of handicaps that will change over the course of the game.

It is particularly interesting to observe the players and the emergence of tactics and strategies. The success of the player is influenced by his or her knowledge of the opponent, ability to empathize, predict actions and estimate skills in order to provoke reactions. Ultimately, Camouflage is a playful interactive installation for the wider public, a multi-user experience looking at how the VR experience can impact our senses and make us connect with our instincts. How do we assume the roles of the predator or the prey?

What we do


June 2017, Smoke Screens, Platform Theatre, London, UK


October 2018, Moonride festival, Košice, SK


July 2018, Kiosk festival, Zilina, SK


June 2018, Smoke Screens, Platform Theatre, London, UK


October 2017, Werks Central, Brighton


October 2017, Lighthouse, Brighton

II Research & Development

June 2017, Wayne McGregor Studio, London

I Research & Development

February 2017, English National Ballet, London

Workshop on VR

June 2017, Center for Art and Technology, Beijing